Pet Food

We carry all of the best Canadian raw food! We carry Perfectly Raw which is made here in Manitoba. We offer Carnivora which is made in Saskatchewan and is available in Dinner's or Diets. Lastly, we offer raw dehydrated food also known as Smack! Smack is made in Winnipeg, Mb. and is a 5 star rated dog food/treat!

We believe our pets deserve the best and with raw and limited ingredients now they can get it. We offer supplements and raw bones from these brands as well.

We do offer loyalty programs on our food: 

Buy 12 Get 1 Free= Carnivora boxes

Buy 10 Get 1 Free=Perfectly Raw Cases

Buy 10 Get 1 Free=Smack (same size bags)

Perfectly Raw and Carnivora is cheapest case free if you switch up the proteins