About Us

In the year of 2016 a female German Shepherd named Khaya, was rescued by a man, Curtis, who gave her so much love and a warm bed to sleep on.
Khaya had a strong personality, as Curtis shortly found out.  Curtis and Khaya
She needed some training and through it all, these trainers have mentioned to give sweet little Khaya antlers to keep her busy and out of trouble. 
After seeing how much Khaya enjoyed the antlers, Curtis decided to contact some people who he can get shed antlers from within Manitoba.
These antlers sprung up an idea to Curtis, and he created Antler World Dog Products.
Khaya inspired Curtis to create something he had never imagined to build!
He started with a home business for the first year with bulk antlers and some smoked chicken feet and many more.
With much patience and hard work, he opened up his first kiosk at Kildonan Place Mall, Winnipeg Manitoba on the spring of April 2018.
The local business was shortly noticed by many people within the area.
His amazing personality and wonderful knowledge engaged so many dog owners to introduce antlers to their dogs.
Curtis and Khaya appreciate the many people who continue to support their dream!