Musher’s Secret
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Musher’s Secret

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  • All season paw protection wax
  • Made from 100% food safe, natural waxes
  • Keeps paws protected from snow, ice, salt, hot pavement and more
  • Soy, wheat and flax oil free
  • Can be applied to hot spots, paws, snout, ears and elbows 
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, domestic and exotic pets
  • Available in 60 and 200 g container


Using 100% food-safe natural waxes makes it easy to apply and wipe off after use and worry-free if your dog wants to lick the wax. The wax is non-toxic and will continue to protect their paws from snow buildup, ice, hot pavement, sand and chemicals like pesticides, lawn fertilizers and more.  

It is a must have for winter!!

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