Shout Pets Carpet Cleaning Foam
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Shout Pets Carpet Cleaning Foam

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Fresh scent

Shout Pro Strength is a professional strength cleaner that will work on the toughest stains and odours

Shout pets is powerful on set-in stains while being gentle on your carpets and furniture

Pro screen penetrates deep into the fabric subsurface to remove any stain and odour

it prevents re-marking


Shake the can well, with aerosol facing the carpet, about 3 feet away. Spray the foam evenly over the stain. Saturate the soilEd area and let the cleaner absorb into the stain for 3 to 5 minutes. For best results use a cleaning brush to rub the foam into the fabric. Vacuum when dry. Repeat if necessary. Always test for colourfastness on a hidden area before full use

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